Love Notes Loaded Tin Candle w/ Rose Petals and Pink Salt


This dreamy soy candle is packed with beautiful crushed rose petals and Himalayan pink salt crystals that sparkle and swim in the warm, lightly scented wax.


Designed to enhance all forms of love, including friendship, romance, and most of all self-love.


Pink salt is mined in the Himalayan mountains. It's naturally beautiful, pure, and packed with beneficial minerals. Some say that heating pink salt improves air quality and brings positive vibes into your the very least it is beautiful and mesmerizing to look at in the candle light!

Love Notes Tin Candle

SKU: 0015
  • Our "Love Notes" fragrance blend is fresh and romantic, featuring hints of rose, peony, bergamot, vanilla, plum, and black raspberry.

    8 oz. pure soy wax candle, handmade in the USA with essential oils, imported pink salt, and rose petals from our own gardens. Packages in a rose gold tin can with lid for easy storage and travel.